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"We connected with Marion immediately"

"We were first drawn to her because of her expertise and knowledge of the area"

"We were able to use my veterans benefits which was a tremendous benefit for us"

"I never thought that I would say selling my home was a wonderful experience, but it was with Marion"

"It was truly an enjoyable experience for us"

"I just didn't think that we would have the opportunity to be as well prepared and as comfortable with the selling process as we were with Marion"

"My husband traditionally does not like realtors at all but he was thrilled with what you did for us"

"You were the hardest working realtor we've ever had and you deserve every cent"

"Thank you so much for everything you've done and for making this process easy"

"When we first met Marion we loved her enthusiasm and that was what sold us on working with her"

"We sold our house for $35k over asking price and the whole journey was smooth and seamless"

"I cannot say enough how much we love Marion"

"She and her team are very professional and helpful and we recommend them highly"

"She came to the house and sat with us and made us feel very comfortable about the whole process"

"It was a wonderful experience, we can't encourage and endorse her enough"

"Right from the beginning Marion took all of our considerations and spoke with us and made us feel comfortable and confident"

"The entire process went smoothly and we had numerous contracts which we were thrilled with"

"We had no complaints from day one; everything went just as we had hoped, if not, better"

"Thanks to Move with Marion, Cirilla has been beyond magnificent an absolute dream to work with"

"This has been a fantastic experience from beginning to end"

"I am so happy with them"

"She's become a friend of mine when we first decided to put our house up on the market"

"Marion ran circles around the other people we had to work with insisting that things get done, deadlines get met, and she's just been an asset very assertive and friendly"

"I cannot say enough things about Marion and her team, and I hope if you are ever considering purchasing or selling property that you will use Marion"

"We highly recommend to move with the Marion team"

"Marion somehow sold that home of ours in time that we hadn't even made a first payment yet on the new home"

"The best decision we made all year"

"We met seven years ago...I admired her tenacity... she kept in touch for seven years before being our realtor"

"She has a professional organization, it's not just her, she's got a team tha she works with that does a great job"

"If you have an opportunity to sell property, Marion's you're person"

"I would highly recommend her especially for a new build process"

"This has been trying and long and challenging but also very exciting and Marion was able to help"

"Definitely hire her"

"She's been a joy to work with"

"She helped us find our house and it took the first house"

"The process worked out well"

"We ended up closing on the new house approximately five weeks before we closed on the old house"

"We had a great experience with Marion"

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